ME: Lillian Brigitte, Lily if you prefer. I can be quite shy at first and hesitant to start the conversations. I'm pretty quiet and awkward before you get to know me. Once I start to trust you though, I'm loud and awkward. That's better, right? I spend way too much time on the interent and when I'm not online I'm thinking about the five idiots I've dedicated this blog to. Those five boys saved my life. I owe them everything and I love them with all my heart.Although, I do have a life outside of the One Direction fandom, believe it or not. Acting is my passion and what I'm hoping to study and major in. I also love to sing and write, but I'm not enitrely sure if I'm any good at either of them. I belong to far too many fandoms and proudly share them all.

My Other Fandoms: Supernaturl, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals,Harry Potter, The Walking Dead, Dance Moms, Grey's Anatmy, Bates Motel, Skyfall, Drop Dead Diva, and my main fandm: Broadway.

MUSIC: one direction, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco, Aaron Tviet, Katie Hall, Paramore,All Time Low, Simple Plan, Bowling for Soup, Hunter Hayes, Sara Evans, Aqua.